Monday, January 7, 2019

"The" Santa Picture.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, isn't it?
I loooove, love, love it and NOTHING makes it more special that a toddler.
I, mean, he is just SO into it. He loves everything. He's stoked about Santa. And he loves talking about "the newborn King".
He wont let us call him baby Jesus... he said Jesus is dead.  So he is only the new born King. :)
(And in our defense we have been trying to teach him how Jesus DIED for our sins.)
Kinda-sorta back fired when we volunteered at Bethlehem in December when he yelled, "the newborn King is dat way... he's dead!"
And I'm all like who's kid is this?..........

So in midst of all the Christmas festivities....a  few weeks ago one of our elementary schools hosted a North Pole Breakfast with Santa.

It was SO cute!

I took Raigen and Ryker.



We had so much fun and the highlight was definitely Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Raigen said she is SURE they were the real thing because you almost never see Mrs. Claus with Santa.

Everything was great until this.......


Let me explain... Ryker is obsessed with Softball (and baseball) and wants nothing more for Christmas then to get a ball, bat, and bag like his big softball playing sister!

So- when they asked Ryker  what he wanted for Christmas here was his reply:

"I want a bat like Raigen's, she can hit dat ball like this POW! And it goes to the grass! I want a bag like her too, with wheels."

Then he adds, "Raigen is a pitch!"

The 'er' suffix has never been more important.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you what they thought he said.... but it was not pitch.

And what he meant is Raigen is a pitcher!

And that my friends is how Ryker made the Naughty List 2018! :)