Friday, October 12, 2018

Sweet Rilyn

Oh, sweet Rilyn.

Why you gotta make mama get all emotional today!?

The tooth fairy has been suppose to visit our house for about a week now. She’s apparently really busy and just keeps forgetting. But, nevertheless, every night the girls have asked me to please text her and remind her. And it never fails that I completely forgotten all about it...

Today I went into the girls’ room to wake them and found this note along with both of their teeth waiting for me.

“Mom,I put a dollar under Raigen’s pillow since you provide me needs and wants even though you don’t have to.”

And it was a little bit more than I could handle.

I know my big girl is growing up and just looking to help her mama, but this was also a big reminder that this is our “busy season” and even in the midst of it- I don’t ever, EVER want to forget the little things like putting a $1 under their pillows for the tooth fairy.