Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Rilyn's Spook-tacular 11th Birthday!

The Invite:
(If you guys need any custom invites- let me know ;) 
I want to go ahead and say that- I totally dropped the ball in the picture taking department at this party.
She had a ton of friends show up and I was super busy sending screaming kids thru our cool homemade haunted house which turned out GREAT by the way.
It was a huge hit!!!!
And pretty spooky!
I feel like with this age group it could of went either way. Like, either it was going to be "super cool" (and it was) or it was going to be "totally lame".
I'll give you a rundown of how the night went and then you can see all four pictures I took, :)
Guest were to arrive at 8 PM and we sent them thru our haunted house until 8:45.
And y'all, they did not want to quit going thru that thing! They loved it!
Next, we did the costume contest, cake,  and presents while Josh sat the projector up for the outdoor movie.
For the movie we planned on watching The Labyrinth (the birthday girls choice) and we rented it on Amazon but we quickly learned even with our big speaker Amazons volume for the movie sucked. So we switched to Netflix and watched  Coraline.
While they watched the movie we served juice, popcorn, nachos, and Sour Patch Kids.
The party was over at 10:45 and our sweet ELEVEN year old had a wonderful night!
Photo dump:



 Happy eleven sweet girl. ♥