Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My girl is growing up- the makeup bag.

This past weekend we celebrated Rilyn turning eleven.
My sweet oldest turned ELEVEN, ya'll!
And #1 on her birthday wish list was (more) makeup.
And boy did she rack up! She got tons of makeup, accessories, bags, brushes... you name it.
While she was organizing her loot she asked me if she could make a small makeup bag (like mine) and keep in my car (like I do).
And I was like, "duh, why you even asking aren't you like eleven now?"
This Monday as we were leaving the house to load the car for school I spotted her with a small duffle.
And I'm all like, "hey girl, you moving out or somethin'?"
And she's all like, "OMG mom, what are you talking about?"

"Are you spending the night with a friend?" I questioned.
She giggled.

I'm like, "girl! You think that makeup bag is big enough?"

"Its just my essentials!" she exclaimed.
Then she began to introduce me to things I know NOTHING about.
You guys know I wear the basics and they come mostly from Dollar General.
This kid of mine has pallets! PALLETS!
And not the wood kind!
"This is my moisturizer."
"And here is my setting spray."
"OMG I love this, this is my eye shadow primer!"
And I'm all like, I prime..... Amazon Prime.
Anyway- the kid had a monster makeup bag- FULL!
I couldn't keep up, but I swear I counted seventeen brushes!
And just like that she's growing up right before my eyes. 

I've always let her experiment with makeup a little but she's not shown real interest until this year.
There she was 10 years old just wearing tinted lip balm....
 And now, at 11 she is contouring, applying fake lashes, and penciling in her brows.

She occasionally wears mascara, but mainly her routine consists of moisturizer, light blush, and chapstick/gloss. My policy is to let her experiment, as long as she is applying the makeup tastefully, and not trying to look older.
Listen- I don’t want her to think that she has to have any additional help to make herself gorgeous.

She obviously doesn’t.
I mean, I'm her mother so she obviously has amazing genes. Duh. :)

And I don’t want her to worry at all with physical attractiveness.

So yeah, I let my 5th grader wear makeup to school. Eyes, cheeks, lips… the whole thing.  My daughter is intelligent and strong, so if she wants to wear pink lip gloss and throw on some eye shadow, get it guuuuurl.
And if she wants to pack a duffle bag full for school and contour some cheek bones, who am I to stop her? :) #contourmesometoorilyn