Friday, October 12, 2018

Feed your faith, not your fears. {My Friend has breast cancer.}

We've been wearing a lot of pink in our house lately because recently a close friend of mine was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
My good, good friend, child's teacher, mother-of-three, wife to our children's pastor, and my own personal (as I like to jokingly refer to her as) spiritual advisor has breast cancer.
How could my friend. My Jesus-loving friend be diagnosed with breast cancer?

As Christians, most of us tend to think, somehow, that major trials will never come to our own door, and then they do come, and we are given a choice of whether we will keep trusting God or whether we will allow the trials to undo us. 
D'Ann is continuing to show everyone that her hope is in Christ.
When I found out about her diagnosis I began to reflect on Jesus and what the bible says and I was thinking  about a passage in the Bible from the book of James that says for us to “consider it pure joy when encounter various trials because the testing of our faith develops perseverance” (James 1:2).
I’m not happy about my sweet friend’s cancer, but I can still have joy in all things.
While I don't believe cancer is a gift from God, the more I think about it, the more I realize it can still be used to point others to Him. I believe God is blessing people and bringing them closer to Him, through my friend's illness.
D'Ann has shown me and everyone around her that no matter the circumstances God brings into our lives, our mission is still the same: To glorify God and enjoy him forever. And to do so faithfully.
Our small town has turned in to a “blessing network” in the midst of this difficulty and I can only imagine The Haffner Family feels deeply loved and cared for in the middle of this.
I am not sure how to end this post, other than to say thru D'Ann I am reminded to be grateful for all the goodness that each day offers, especially the “little stuff” that I so often overlook. 
The bible says, “This is the day that then Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).
That means more now than ever.
I ask that you’d pray today for D'Ann and her family, that the Lord might continue bring healing and continued hope in the days to come.

P.S. D'Ann, I hope you don't mind I stole this picture of you! :)