Monday, September 3, 2018

Girls pink & black shared bedroom!

The girls room is not finished but it’s close so I figured I give you guys a little peek. The room is tiny and it’s kind of difficult to fit two girls in this room but I think we’ve managed well. We know this is not our forever home and plan to move within two years anyway.

Rilyn’s getting older and her only must have was a vanity area so I was happy to oblige and give her her own special space!


We still have touch up paint to do in frames to fill but it’s coming together!

And just for fun here’s a pic of how we stay organized! The shoe holder on the back of the bedroom door is perfect for hair ties, hair bows, jewelry, extra make up, perfume, deodorant, pretty much anything! It keeps the clutter away and makes this mama happy! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our girls’ little space!