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It doesn’t matter how good you are at meal planning. At some point, you have to execute that beautiful plan you sweated (& shopped) over (or composed using your favorite calligraphy pen).  No matter how well you plan (or don’t), emergencies, KIDS' PRACTICES,  interruptions, KIDS' PRACTICES AND KIDS' PRACTICES happen to the best of us. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as finding yourself in the drive thru line again for the 3rd time this week because  you realize it’s too late to bake that pot roast you had been planning. Here are some quick, easy meals and strategies that can help a real family get through dinner on a crazy busy week.

Monday- Pepper Steak and Gravy in the crockpot! For my family of six, I add 2packages of stew meat, one container of beef broth, one yellow onion, 1/2 of a red bell pepper (sliced), 1/2 of a yellow bell pepper (sliced), garlic powder, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, and your favorite steak seasoning! Cook on low for 6…

The Season of THANKFUL.

As we approach the “thankful”  season God brought my mind to something… Why do I feel like I need new things in order to be approved or excepted by others and to feel good about myself?
And I’m all like, “stop that God do we really have to go here?”
 I feel like this is an important lesson for not only me but for my kids too. It’s an example that needs to be set for them.- an example of being thankful.

 I often find myself falling into a sense of envy and I feel like I need new things in order to feel good about myself. Whether it’s new clothes, a fancier car, or a bigger house!
( Sidenote Josh and I house hunt all the time! We are constantly looking at real estate online.)
So- you, too, Josh! Listen up! We DO NOT need a new house! 
I would like to just take a moment to brag, though. My kids (minus Ryker, 🤣) almost always practice being thankful and often they are the ones who remind me to be thankful. 
 You remember when I mentioned how Raigen always writes “thank you letters and n…

Girls pink & black shared bedroom!

The girls room is not finished but it’s close so I figured I give you guys a little peek. The room is tiny and it’s kind of difficult to fit two girls in this room but I think we’ve managed well. We know this is not our forever home and plan to move within two years anyway.

Rilyn’s getting older and her only must have was a vanity area so I was happy to oblige and give her her own special space!

We still have touch up paint to do in frames to fill but it’s coming together!

And just for fun here’s a pic of how we stay organized! The shoe holder on the back of the bedroom door is perfect for hair ties, hair bows, jewelry, extra make up, perfume, deodorant, pretty much anything! It keeps the clutter away and makes this mama happy! 

Thanks for taking a peek at our girls’ little space!