Monday, August 6, 2018

Low carb Stuffed Bell Peppers!


    1 cup of your favorite salsa (make sure to check sugars in this!)
    1 cup of brown rice
    6 Bell Peppers
    1 package of taco seasoning
    1 lb of Ground Turkey
    Shredded Cheese

Cook Ground Turkey and taco seasoning in skillet while the rice is cooking in a pot. I also added green onions and some diced celry to the turkey  because I had it.  Once  the turkey is cooked add 1 cup salsa and rice and mix together.

Cut tops of Bell Peppers, remove all seeds, and wash them well. A lot of people like to boil their peppers first, I personally don't.

Fill up bell
peppers with the meat mixture. Left over meat mixture, put around bell peppers and top with shredded cheese! Cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes! 


I always forget how much I love stuffed peppers! Enjoy!