Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ryker's 3rd Birthday! {Construction Style}

Last weekend we squeezed in a small, quick birthday  for this cute little three little old!

Between Rilyn being on the swim team and Raigen being on three softball teams, we have been BUSY! 

I had the park reserved, but after spending all day saturnday outside in the sun at softball I just couldn't bare to spend another day out there. The heat is something fierce here in Texas right now, ya'll.

SO I moved the party to McDonalds. 

I was kind of disappointed because I had big plans, but my sweet boy was so excited (he LOVES the play place at McDonalds!) and afterwards I was so thankful I did. Not only did we beat the heat, but the party was a whole lot more simplified and easier on me. 

This party (like all my others!) was definitely easy on the pocket and I saved money everywhere I could and I  feel like it still turned out super cute. 

The cones, table cloth, construction party favor toys, balloons, and Reeses party favor candy I picked up at Dollar Tree. 

I cheated and bought a plain store bought chocolate cake and  then I decorated it with crushed oreos, a bulldozer I bought at Dollar General #SCORE, and some signs I printed. 

I love the way it turned out and it was SO easy!

I ordered the construction hats and birthday construction tape on Amazon (what did we ever do before Prime?!) 

I had a little photo shoot with some construction equipment and my hubby printed one of my favorite pictures poster size so I could use it as decoration.

Ryker LOVED being up close to the equipment- this photoshoot was like a dream come true! HA!

Gah… he is just SO cute!!!!

I bought this book for everyone to sign at Ross a while back for $2.99- score! 


Daddy and Ryker!

He absolutely LOVED it when everyone sang "Happy Birthday"!

And here is a photo dump of all of the sweet people who took time out of their weekend to come celebrate our little dude:

Ryker's future girlfriend-

I am all about EASY and I love how I whipped up this shirt in five minutes on my Cricut! 

The last highlight of the party was using the balloons to send off his beloved paci! 
He has been in love with this thing since he was born and we finally said goodbye.

It was bitter sweet for us all. 

We also surprised him with this excavator I found on Amazon! He loved it!

Happy birthday sweet Ryker.