Monday, June 11, 2018

Have boys they said. Boys are fun they said.

Let me just start by saying CJ was three when we adopted him and had thoroughly  spoiled me to what it was like having a little boy. As a toddler, CJ was the easiest child.

Fast forward to Ryker.

I can hear some of you #boymoms now.... but I have you know I consider myself an expert with an unbiased opinion since I have two of each, so I'll go ahead and just say it:

LISTEN UP, CAUSE I'M SCREAMING (and my kids are looking at me weird!)

Do ya'll know how many times he has squished his "pecka" in the toilet?!

And in celebration of this Tasmanian Devil's 3rd birthday I'll give you THREE examples this week alone which proves my point.

First up-

Granted, these pictures need no captioning, so I'll just give you the short version:

(But first, you have to excuse my house, it was right after his party and he was playing with EVERY toy)

Basically this kid was picking up EVERTTHING with his new pliers, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING!

Guess how many times my girls have pinched their privates with pliers........ 



Example number two comes to you straight from our dinner last night at Longhorn Steakhouse. And it reminded me exactly why I vowed to myself when I had Ryker that Josh would be the one that has to deal with bathrooms in public. Especially since I had to deal with it all by myself with the girls.

I, though, being the sweet wife that I am thought that I would take Ryker to the restroom since Josh was talking guy talk with his friend.

Immediately up on arriving in the bathroom I regretted my decision.

He wanted to touch EVERYTING and if you know me- you know my craziness with public restrooms. #IHATETHEM

My kids all know how I have to thoroughly disinfect the toilet and line it with paper before they can even think about going but all Ryker wanted to do was TOUCH EVERY THING.

And here I was, "Ryker don't touch anything, Ryker don't touch anything, Ryker don't touch anything."

And then he yelled, (loud enough that I'm sure the whole restaurant heard,) "I not touchin' nothin' jus my pecka!!!"

And the restroom giggled in unison.


And if that wasn't embarrassing enough... when he was done I proceeded to wipe him down with a wet wipe just incase any part of him touched that toilet and he yells, "Mom! What you doin' to my pecka?!"


Example number three is basically all his Dad's fault but, I'll throw it in just for fun. 

Someone got Ryker a bucket of dinosaurs for his birthday and of course he had to inspect everyone and ask his Dad what kind of dinosaur it was.

I was in the next room and hear Josh, "Oh, that's a T-rex, that's a velociraptor..... that's a brachiosaurus."

Everything was all good until Ryker pulled out one his Dad didn't know.

And I hear Josh chuckle, and say, "That's a Pussyraptor."

And Ryker immediately say, "A Pussyraptor? I like Pussyraptor, Dad!"

And Josh laughing hysterically, "me too, bud, me too!"

Our softball family can even attest to the fact that Ryker LOVES dinosaurs and pretty much anytime we leave the house he brings a dinosaur with him. 

I am so scared we will be out in public and he will tell someone about the Pussyraptor!!!!!!!!!!!