Monday, April 16, 2018

My First Comedy Gig!

Recently I was asked to perform a stand-up comedy show for a group of traveling ladies.

I was both nervous and humbled that I was asked to do this.

Ever since  people have been asking 'how I got into comedy, or what made me decide to become a comedian?'

And if I am honest.... I've been a comedian my whole freakin' life.

Flashback to high school: 2004.

My junior year.

It was Halloween night and it was Friday which meant- Football game!

Which also meant I was preforming a Color Guard routine with the band.

I thought it would be a great idea to put fake blood capsule in my mouth and fall out on the field during my performance.

Lots of people did not think this was funny- including my band director, the EMT's, and the doctor they called down from the stands.

I thought it was HILARIOUS though.


A few years later- 2006.

My next performance.

I visted a comedy club with about 30 friends and family members and guess who got hypnotized on stage?!

Yep- me.

That was definitely a comedic performance especially since they made me perform the scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally ON STAGE.

Everyday I pray  (one day when I am super famous) that all of my family members who bought a video of me that night would have already somehow LOST IT!

All jokiness aside- comedy is something that our family thoroughly enjoys and I was super excited to get a chance to try it out.

 And Joshy... y’all he was my biggest fan! He was so excited about the standup gig that he was like,  "hey after this we’re going to sign up for some open mic nights!" #mybiggestfan

And I’m all like… "What do you mean we?"

But, who knows, maybe "we" will perform again one day!