Friday, April 20, 2018


I am SO glad it is Friday!
This weekend we have a tournament in Brenham so we will be in Softball mode all weekend! #myfavorite
Let me go ahead and #mombrag for a bit.
Last night was our LAST league game (Raigen plays on 3 teams right now so we will still be doing Softball ... forever, ha!) and we ended our season with a big ole' WIN! We only lost ONE game the entire season!
And, ya'll,  my girl had THREE HOMERUNS FOR THE NIGHT! #superproud
But what makes me even more proud is last night she asked me if we could pray together. #shelovestopray
Melts my heart EVERY TIME she asks to pray with me.
This kiddo may be good at softball (so good that she filled in on a team last night that was short on players and the ref went over to the coach and said it was so unfair that Raigen was playing and that he shouldn't even allow it! #becauseshesthatgood!) but this girl has a HUGE heart, too!!!
She refuses to brag, ever, on herself because she says, "that is rude and it may make other people feel bad."
She is definitely one of my favorites, Friday, and everyday!
Now, on to FOOD!
A few days ago I made this delish naan flat bread pizza style dinner (I don't even know what to call it!  LOL)  and I paired it with garlic pasta! SO GOOD and I am now obsessed with brie cheese!!!

Its almost summer time, which means CAMP! So a few weeks ago I served along side these ladies to help raise money for our kids to go to camp. We had a delicious tamale fundraiser!

This mama's boy! - he is currently my favorite two year old, haha!
I finally ordered a super cool calligraphy pen from Amazon and I have been practicing my lettering.... if you saw my post on IG you know that I should have my skills down by 2025. :)


We are currently in the middle of redecorating and putting in a new floor for the kids' bathroom. Here is a peek!

 Last night this dude and I took a break from softball and headed to cheer on our favorite choir girl! Rilyn (And all of the choir kiddos) did SO good singing! I was super impressed!

Have a great weekend!