Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Easter 2018

Hope you guys had a great Easter weekend.  I thought I'd (finally, haha!) give you a little peek into ours...
Here is my gang this year...
And because its always fun to look back at previous years, goodness how they've grown-
Easter 2013

Easter 2015

Easter 2017


On Easter Eve this year my MIL made up some glow in the dark eggs for the littles  (Ryker and Callie) and they LOVED it! They would hunt and then happily hand their baskets over to us and run and hide their eyes for us to hide them again.
And again...
And again! LOL!
I cant wait till next year when baby Kolten can hunt them, too!
After that fun- we gather around the kitchen table to dye eggs.
The next morning we all awoke to see what goodies we got, hunted eggs in our PJs, ate a huge breakfast, and headed to the late service at church.

(Photo dump in no particular order!)




And the cutest picture award goes to.....
And the funniest picture award goes to....

Happy Easter from the Long Crew!