Wednesday, March 7, 2018

TBB ASKS {Beauty Edition}

Nope. Fun fact: I don't wear mascara!

Black. I tend to lean towards darker shades, but in the Spring and Summer I love turquoise!
I tend to lean towards anything with "rose" in it!
My favorite shade that I used for 10+ years was Dusty Rose, but its discontinued.
Currently I this one:
If I am showering the night before I air dry and then style in the morning, but if I am showering in the morning I always blow-dry.

Yes- but I do them myself.
A. I don't have time to go to the nail salon.
And,  B. Generally everytime (minus the couple of times I went to Karaline- shout-out!) my nails look bad and I am not happy with them.
Insert exhibit, A:
Nothing about the above picture says leopard print.

I 'm currently using this one. It is lightweight and super affordable.

 If you see me on any given day chances are my hair is UP! But, since I just recently cut my hair I will definitely be wearing it down more.

 Body wash!
My favorites include any from Bath & Body Works!
110%  shower! I will occasionally take a bubble bath, but only once or twice a year. I have four kids, so stuff like that is rare, haha!

Hello Beautiful from Bath & Body Works! 

 I LOVE Victoria's Secret- love is heavenly!
I keep a little tube in my purse and it just ran out, but I'm holding off buying more because my birthday is this month and I think Josh may pull thru for me, haha!
 Not. Even. Close. LOL
In my defense I am NOT a hairy person- so I can go awhile between!
I don't wear lip balm... I know, I know... weird-o over here.

 Probably like 6th grade? It didn't start looking good until 7th or 8th grade though, haha!