Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites!

Look at me, participating in TWO link-ups in one week- say what!

Like, I've said before I usually don't participate in link-ups but I happen to be particularly excited about some of my Friday Favorites that I thought I'd share. 

First up-


And it has started off great, last night Josh surprised me with a new IPhone. I have always been a loyal android lover, but I am excited to make the switch!


I am down 2 more pounds! I now have 7 more to loose until I reach my 1st goal of 40 POUNDS GONE! (My goal is to loose it by my birthday which is 26 days away).

And if that wasn't exciting enough a customer walked into our office this week and immediately said, "dang girl, you have lost some weight!"

Ya'll! I haven't seen her in a while and that totally pumped me up!!!

Then 30 minutes later another customer walked in and asked me when I was due.....  #truestory

Unfortunately, she's about 2.5 years too late. Haha!


My girl Belinda and I decided spur of the moment to have a girls-day and head to the movies. 
Shes a smooth talker and tried to get the 16 year old Seth Rogan look-alike to give us the student discount because... #wearecheap and #moviesarenot.

He was nice and told us he couldn't do that. I'm guessing he didn't think anyone would believe we were students #rude.

But upon further inspection of our ticket we were kinda, sorta, excited to see a discount. 
Yep! Just two seniors here to see Fifty Shades! Haha!


Also on our girls day we checked out a brand-new Target and discovered a plus-size maniquen! #saywhat! 
Belinda was excited, said she may be able to get her clothes straight from the mannequin for the first time ever!


Today is this girls' Dr. Seuss day at school!
She's not the dress-up type so this is all I could convince her to wear!
If you want to see more cute Seuss kids, check this out!

Happy Friday, Ya'll!