Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites! {03-09-18}

Once again, I'm linking up to share my Friday favorites!

We are in full swing with softball (get it, haha!) season over here and I definitely LOVE watching this girl play!
This month marks exactly 2 years that she has been playing and she surprises us more and more everyday. She is definitely becoming a little celebrity- coaches always comment on how good she is! Man does it feel good to have the coach from the opponents team come and tell you that your daughter is the best they have ever seen!
Being really awesome at softball is cool and all, but what I love most about this girl is here HEART!
We play walkout songs for each player as they enter the field to bat and I asked Raigen (since she is the queen of homeruns) if shed like me to play her song again everytime she gets a homerun. (Her song is All I do is Win-DJ Khaled)
And she immediately said no and her eyes filled up.
She said, "Mom, that would make the other team feel bad and I don't want to be bragging."
Man... then someone started cutting onions.... 
I only raise ballers shirt- made by me. Here is another cute softball mom shirt idea, here!

I may or may not have given myself a DIY haircut on my LUNCH BREAK, haha! #truestory
You can read more about that, HERE!
It is definitely a favorite because I am SO FRIGGIN THANKFUL IT TURNED OUT CUTE.
And that I  didn't have to shave my head and start over.

What’s not a favorite is the nosy white woman that came strolling up to my window at work the other day.

She caught the tail end of my conversation with my coworker regarding my haircut and immediately she said, “darlin, ,I know exactly what you’re talking about! I work for the school.”

Confused, I asked, “what do you mean?”

And out of nowhere she immediately said, “I know why you cut your hair… Because you had the lice!”

THE lice?

I kindly told her that she was mistaken and that in fact that was only dry shampoo that she was seeing. Specifically three days worth. 😂
 If you want to see exactly how I cut my own hair check THIS video out- but don't look at the stupid faces I make or my double chin, K?!


I have been eating this lunch ALL week and I love it!
Homemade broccoli salad and grilled chicken- made by me!
Recipe coming soon!
After church car sing-alongs with my people are DEFINETLY A FAVORITE!
Maybe if you are lucky I will post a video one day for ya! Haha!
This planner my co-worker got me!

I LIVE in my planner, but refuse to spend real money on one.
My planners usually just come from the Dollar Store, but this one is from heaven, I mean, Hobby Lobby and it is SO cute! Complete WITH STICKERS! It’s definitely a favorite!

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That's all, Happy Friday!
I'm off to pack for a softball tournament in The Woodlands- then we are heading on a mini-vacay because it’s officially Spring Break over here!