Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I love a good, quick, EASY recipe!!!

Right now we are in the middle of softball season and I cant believe I am saying this but, we are so tired of eating ball park food for dinner! Haha!

This recipe is one of those that you need to try, ASAP! 

It didn't sound very appealing to me, but our whole family is hooked! This is a
SOUP-er (I crack myself up!) easy chicken tortilla soup recipe.

I love this recipe because this is something easy you can keep on hand for a quick dinner or for that hurricane kit, haha! This (minus the cheese) is all stuff you can keep in your pantry that stays good for a long time. 

Basically, all you do is pour all the cans and the taco seasoning in a pot and heat it up (add in 1 can of water, too!). 

Seriously its THAT EASY!

I served it over tortilla chips and top it off with cheese!

Sometimes I substitute one can of the ranch beans for a can of black beans (rinsed first, of course!)