Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I love a good, quick, EASY recipe!!!

Right now we are in the middle of softball season and I cant believe I am saying this but, we are so tired of eating ball park food for dinner! Haha!

This recipe is one of those that you need to try, ASAP! 

It didn't sound very appealing to me, but our whole family is hooked! This is a
SOUP-er (I crack myself up!) easy chicken tortilla soup recipe.

I love this recipe because this is something easy you can keep on hand for a quick dinner or for that hurricane kit, haha! This (minus the cheese) is all stuff you can keep in your pantry that stays good for a long time. 

Basically, all you do is pour all the cans and the taco seasoning in a pot and heat it up (add in 1 can of water, too!). 

Seriously its THAT EASY!

I served it over tortilla chips and top it off with cheese!

Sometimes I substitute one can of the ranch beans for a can of black beans (rinsed first, of course!) 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Contest time.......and the winner is....

I’m superduper excited about hosting a giveaway!

The winner can email me at josh_roxie@hotmail.com (or text me) and we will work on designing your free personalized notepads!

Once the design is picked turnaround time is about one day to make!😆

Without further ado… The winner is…

Caryn Walters McLendon!!!!

Keep an eye out for more Giveaways in the future I’ve already got an idea for the next one! 

You’re gonna love it!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring break getaway 2018 {Part 2}


This spring break we had the most perfect zoo weather! 

I am so glad a trip to the zoo was in our plans. 

We woke up bright and early (at about 10 am 😂 ) to head to the zoo. 

Luckily I was prepared and packed buttery croissants, fresh deli ham, and cheese for breakfast because we slept right through our hotels awesome breakfast 😩.

Make a ham-n-cheese on one of those croissants and heat that bad boy in the microwave for 20 seconds- BEST HOTEL BREAKFAST YOU CAN MAKE! 😂 

I also packed chocolate chip muffins- yum!

And off to the Caldwell Zoo we went!

We were super impressed with this zoo! It was so nice to visit another zoo other than the Lufkin zoo or the Houston zoo. A lot of these exhibits were super open and so we got to see the animals up in close! And I can’t forget our favorite part feeding the giraffes!

One of Ryker’s favorite animals was the rhinos! The entire time we walked the zoo he kept asking for them until we found them. And then he looked at me and said “mom take a picture take a picture now!”

He was fascinated with the birds too! Every time we saw a new bird he’d  say “wow that bird is beautiful!”

 It was so cute! We all got a kick out of seeing the zoo threw his eyes. I’m not sure we would’ve visited the zoo this spring break if we didn’t have this little guy. Of course it was fun for the older kids but there’s something about having a toddler and taking them to the zoo that makes it all more magical.

As soon as we saw the little monkeys he said “look there’s a monkey!” And the big kids told him no that’s a little Ryker so every time we saw a monkey he would say “there’s a little Ryker jus like me!”

The parrot exhibits were awesome! They were all open and the parrots were literally sitting 2 feet from you in a tree! No fence, no cage they just set there. It was very neat!

Next we’ve visited the petting zoo! Ryker was a little skittish of the animals which I guess was a good thing because one little boy turned around to pet a goat and the goat literally rammed him in the head! 

And I guess it’s OK to admit that I laugh because a little boy didn’t get hurt or cry. 😂

And now Our favorite part! Feeding the giraffes! We were the second people in line so we got to see some really hungry hungry giraffes and they came right to us and ate from our hands! It was so cool!

Overall we were very impressed with the Caldwell zoo! We will definitely be revisiting it in the future!

And on to the finale of our getaway- our annual spring break trip to the.....


It was this little guy’s first trip to the dentist and he did so good! He was excited for his turn so the dentist could clean his teeth and didn’t want to get out of the chair!

After he was done I left him in the lobby with Rilyn. Rilyn is an excellent babysitter because she’s exactly like me, LOL. 

 I walked back-and-forth from the lobby to CJ’s room to keep a check on all of my wild animals and on one particular time that I was visiting CJ’s room and all I could think about was how smooth this visit had been! I was ready to give myself a big giant bear hug and ask someone to pat me on the back because I had just taken four kids to the dentist and no one had a melt down,there were no tears, and everyone was on their best behavior until the lady from the front desk popped into let me know I was needed at the front lobby...

My two-year-old had just taken his pants off! 

When I arrive back to the lobby I found a mortified Rilyn! She was hurrying trying to get his pants on and he was giggling hysterically! And I asked him why he had taken his pants off he said “because it was so funny so,so funny!”

 He is definitely his daddy’s kid!

I said, “Ryker! Get your pants on, everyone can see your big fat belly!”

And he replied, “you see my big fat pecka!?”

And laughed hysterically some more.

I don’t know why that kid is obsessed with that thing. Maybe it’s because were constantly telling him to leave it alone, I just don’t know! But I’m praying that this stage passes very quickly!

And that wraps it up, guys!

Spring break has been SO much fun with my people!❤️