Friday, February 16, 2018

Mr. Billy

So, who is Mr. Billy?

Hes a custodian at my 4th grader's school.

Rilyn came home upset on Valentine's Day.

Apparently there was an abundance of candy wrappers all over the floor at her school and she spooltted Mr. Billy rushing to get them cleaned.

She explained to me how Mr. Billy is ALWAYS working hard to keep their school clean and she feels like no one appreciates him.

" Can I make Mr. Billy a gift to make him have a good day she?" She asked.

(My heart was about to explode, yall!)

"Of course!!!!" I told her and next she pulled out a tumbler from my closet (I buy them in bulk when I find a sale for gifts) and she stuffed it with candy and made the sweetest tag!

My hope is always that my kids would somehow learn (possibly from me 😉) compassion, love, honesty, appreciation, courage, respect, determination, obedience, justice, and all the other things to ensure they are good people.

And times like these are a little reminder that indeed they are.