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What's Up Wednesday!

I usually don't do link-ups, but what tha heck!

What we're eating this week:
I started the year off on top of my mom game and meal planned for the entire month of January and February! You can find those posts here and here if you are needing some dinner ideas! I am currently finishing up March now.

What I'm reminiscing about:

Our past Dr. Seuss days!

This Friday we will celebrate Dr. Seuss day at Raigen's school (Rilyn and CJ are too old now, #sadface)

Look how cute!

What I'm loving:
It is SOFTBALL SEASON YA'LL!  I get to play dugout mom and watch this girl do what she loves!!!

What we've been up to:
This past Saturday we had a bake sale for our travel softball team (Raigen currently plays on two teams) and then we headed out of town for some family fun to FINALLY see The Greatest Showman! 

Sadly, I wasn't able to watch it because of well, Ryker. So I dropped Josh and the big kids off to see it and headed shopping with my little man. 
The kids LOVED it an…

Mr. Billy

So, who is Mr. Billy?

Hes a custodian at my 4th grader's school.

Rilyn came home upset on Valentine's Day.

Apparently there was an abundance of candy wrappers all over the floor at her school and she spooltted Mr. Billy rushing to get them cleaned.

She explained to me how Mr. Billy is ALWAYS working hard to keep their school clean and she feels like no one appreciates him.

" Can I make Mr. Billy a gift to make him have a good day she?" She asked.

(My heart was about to explode, yall!)

"Of course!!!!" I told her and next she pulled out a tumbler from my closet (I buy them in bulk when I find a sale for gifts) and she stuffed it with candy and made the sweetest tag!

My hope is always that my kids would somehow learn (possibly from me 😉) compassion, love, honesty, appreciation, courage, respect, determination, obedience, justice, and all the other things to ensure they are good people.

And times like these are a little reminder that indeed they are.

Super easy last minute Valentine idea!

It's no secret hat we are totally last minuters (if there's even such a word).
 If something has to be done chances are we're working extra hard the day before to get it done... Or sometimes the hour before.
Today we threw together this last-minute (and super cheap!)  Valentine card for Raigen's class!
 And it's no surprise that it had to be softball themed!

And what do you know, five years ago we we're working on the same sort of Valentine's card for my mother-in-law! 

This still has to be my favorite card to date!
Haha, you suck Lubby..... there have never been more true words spoken 😉

And of course I couldn't leave the teachers out!
All I have left to do is attach a Sonic gift card to the back and they are good to go!
 So easy!

Miss Smartie-Pants, Raigen.

I recently received this home in Raigen's folder. I'm just going to brag a bit because my girl is in the 2nd grade and preforming at a 5th and 7th level!
Way to go, Raigen!

Hangry Roxie Update #7

After falling off the wagon during the holidays, I have spent the better part of January starving myself of sugar and carbs and only losing a few pounds here and there.

On January 28th I gave myself a real goal. I want to lose 20lbs by my birthday, which is March 28th. That will put me at loosing a little over 40lbs, which sounds much better than the 24 that I have currently lost.

Now, with the new strict diet I am doing PAIRED with the gym I really believe it is possible. (Or at least it should be!)

Like I previously stated, I haven't seen the results I want so this week I am starting the Military Diet.

It says you should shed about ten pounds in 3 days, and I am curious to see if it actually works and if so I plan on repeating it about ever other week. I have read a lot of testimonials and seen quite a bit of people do this and lose some major weight.

Day1: Strangely, I haven't been super hungry, but I have had a massive headache all day.

I am curious to see how I feel to…


This past Friday Josh and I had the privilege of BOTH getting to attend the Mother-Son/Father-Daughter Valentine's Dance at our kids' school!

Adorned in our fanciest dresses, bow-tie, and corsages- we headed out to grab a bite to eat at a local diner before heading to the dance.

We both felt it was really important to teach our kids that the "cool kids" NEVER show up on time, duh!
So we were fashionably thirty minutes late and sadly we missed the Whip-it Nae Nae! #SOSAD

Luckily that didn't ruin the night- because I had something BIG planned for my kids!

Boy, were they in luck! Cause, their Mama (and a couple of her friends!) had a surprise choreographed dance routine waiting for them.

You can check out our super-awesome moves, HERE if you promise not to make fun of me!
Rilyn was totally embarrassed and CJ was totally into it! HAHA! He even asked me to teach him the moves to it when we got home! Now, if I am completely honest, dancing in public is probably one …


As promised- here is a copy of the February Menu for the Long house!  Check back for more recipes soon!