Wednesday, January 24, 2018


One of my goals for this year is to be better organized. I've done major de-cluttering in our house and I have also managed to get my meal planning under way. #WINNING

I've mentioned to a few friends that I have meal planned for the entire month of January and February and for those of you who would like a copy- here is January!

Often we spend entirely too much money on eating out and that is something I wanted to get under control for 2018. That doesn't mean we wont go out to eat anymore, just not as often. Our week days are SUPER busy with me working full time, kids' practices, tutorials, church, and everything else  so having a set menu has been super helpful!

And bonus- I have already saved a TON of money this year!

You will notice that I don't meal plan for Saturday or  Sunday. Sometimes we spend the weekend at a ball field and at Small Group eating on Sunday so it is pointless for me to try and plan anything for the weekend.

Wednesday is our busiest night by far, the kids have choir and we have church so we always grab fast-food after church. #thekidsfavoritenight

I am also trying to get a way from cooking  on Friday nights so I have those marked as leftovers. We eat whatever is in the fridge this night or you can make yourself whatever you want. So if the kids don't want leftovers they can always fix a PB&J & soup or whatever else they want. Occasionally we do pizza night or just go eat out on Fridays, too- either way I'm not cooking!

You will see a couple of nights I marked FLU. I was sick with the flu and we had a couple of snow days- so I changed my menu a bit for that since we obviously didn't go to church and I just refused to cook Thursday.

I also grocery shop weekly. (I know, I know! Most people are like... WEEKLY?!)
But, weekly works best for our family. I feel like I don't buy a bunch of things we don't need this way. 

Here’s my basic method for planning a month of meals at a time:

  1. Print out a calendar for the month. 

  2. Plug in regular meals, like Friday Pizza Night, or leftovers, that you have every week.

  3. Look at the nights that have activities like practice or church. Plan easy meals on those nights. 

  4. Start adding meals into the remaining squares.

That wasn’t hard, was it? Remember you’re not married to this plan. Write it in pencil if it makes you feel less committed. That’s what I do. Feel free to change it up as different things happen throughout the month. By the end of the month, it may look like a very complicated football play, but that’s okay.

So there ya have it- there is what we are eating this month! Now go make one, too!