Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hello, 2018! I'm a total celeb now!

I had major plans for my first post of 2018.

I envisioned bragging to you all about our super-awesome low-key  New Years Eve night that consisted of Netflix and pajamas.

Or maybe I would tell you how I fell off the "diet" wagon right at Thanksgiving and gained 7 pounds of the 25 I worked my butt off to lose, back.

But, instead I feel like I need to tell you of my recent feature.

I'm a total celeb now.

K list.

Look, I frequently post on Facebook and
9 times out of 10 its complete fiction.

Last year I posted about  my extreme weight loss. (Confession: it may have been after a late-night Bunco game that I consumed alcoholic beverages at.)

But- anyway I posted about losing weight- jokingly.

And someone took it serious and apparently I am one of the top liars.....

"The fakest of the fake" to be exact.

Several of my friends spotted the article on Facebook and immediately messaged it to me.

Ya'll it is FUNNY!

Here is the article:

What's hilarious is that the other 14 listed are legitimate lies..... and I'm over here just confused someone took my silly post seriously.

Nevertheless- I AM SO FAMOUS NOW!

Here are a few parts of the article I screen shotted:


The comments on the article are equally as funny as the story. I'm just confused as to why she used me as click bait and why I'm not receiving compensation.

Or why Jenny Craig hasn't felt sorry for me a and picked my fat butt up.

I could totally be the next Kirstie Alley......

but funnier.