Thursday, January 25, 2018

Easy French Dip Sandwiches!

This meal was off-the-charts awesome! And EASY!

All the kids had two sandwiches and my husband had four if that tells you anything, haha!

Making a French dip sandwich sounds a little bit of intimidating and nerve-wracking and I think it's just because its something that we don't eat every day but after making this recipe it's definitely going to be on  repeat at our house!

Here's what you will need:

Although you can use really any sliced beef that you like, I prefer using sliced Philly cheese steak! Here's why: it's already thinly sliced which makes it cook super fast and I buy the Great Value brand which is super affordable (and doesn't come with onions an bell peppers!)! I can cook this meat up from frozen-solid  in about 10 minutes in a skillet!

I season my meat with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and steak seasoning.

Once my meat is done I take my French bread and make my sandwich layering the meat with mozzarella cheese.

I love to buy the sliced French bread at Walmart because duh, it's only a dollar!

Most of the time they slice it for you already but if it you happen to grab a loaf that's not sliced just take it to the deli and they will slice it for you!

You can make this sandwich on a hoagie bun but they're like triple the price of French bread (and we are trying to cut back on bread at our house- so thinly sliced French bread is a better option!) and the hoagies only come with six to eight sandwiches with a French bread loaf you can make a ton more!

This particular time I bought the "everything seasoned" French bread from Walmart it is by far our favorite!

I love to buy the little package of the Au Jus mix. Its super easy to make.  I use this in several recipes but it is the by itself!

Once the sandwiches are made you literally scoop out a little bowl of this goodness and dip your sandwiches in it and it's game over!

This is a super easy and affordable delicious weeknight meal! You can pair it with potato chips, french fries, tater tots, potato salad, or do what I did and dice up some red potatoes and drizzle them with olive oil and ranch packet and roast them in the oven for 30 minutes! Best potatoes ever!

You're welcome, friends!