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Contest time.......and the winner is....

I’m superduper excited about hosting a giveaway!
The winner can email me at (or text me) and we will work on designing your free personalized notepads!
Once the design is picked turnaround time is about one day to make!😆
Without further ado… The winner is…
Caryn Walters McLendon!!!!

Keep an eye out for more Giveaways in the future I’ve already got an idea for the next one! 
You’re gonna love it!

Spring break getaway 2018 {Part 2}

This spring break we had the most perfect zoo weather! 
I am so glad a trip to the zoo was in our plans. 
We woke up bright and early (at about 10 am 😂 ) to head to the zoo. 
Luckily I was prepared and packed buttery croissants, fresh deli ham, and cheese for breakfast because we slept right through our hotels awesome breakfast 😩.
Make a ham-n-cheese on one of those croissants and heat that bad boy in the microwave for 20 seconds- BEST HOTEL BREAKFAST YOU CAN MAKE! 😂 
I also packed chocolate chip muffins- yum!
And off to the Caldwell Zoo we went!
We were super impressed with this zoo! It was so nice to visit another zoo other than the Lufkin zoo or the Houston zoo. A lot of these exhibits were super open and so we got to see the animals up in close! And I can’t forget our favorite part feeding the giraffes!

One of Ryker’s favorite animals was the rhinos! The entire time we walked the zoo he kept asking for them until we found them. And then he looked at me and said “mom take a picture take…