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A letter to Ryker on his 3rd birthday.

Dear Ryker, 

    Today you are three.  It may not seem like a big birthday to you, but to me it is.  I feel like I just gave birth to you yesterday.  And now?  You’re becoming a whole human by yourself.

The world is a better place because you are in it, Ryker.  Not only do you make my days brighter, you brighten that of those around you. Your siblings adore you. It melts my heart when they cant wait to get home from school to see you or how "Lilyn" asked to come home from staying at a sleepover because she missed you. They always want to play with you and entertain you.  

Strangers and friends always  say “your son is so sweet” or “he's so cute," or "you son just threw a ball at me and said he was trying to hit me in the pecka."  

You just make people smile, my sweet boy.   

You LOVE some baseball and boy do we love watching you play. You look up to Raigen so much and get so excited to cheer for her at her softball games. 

You get excited when CJ plays with you …