Monday, December 4, 2017

Softball Fun! Livingston CREW 8U- 1ST TOURNAMENT!

We spent the entire weekend living the softball life!

Two weeks ago Raigen was invited to join a select travel team and after only 3 or 4 practices they competed in their first tournament. They did AMAZING  and placed 3rd against girls that have been playing together for years!

This tournament was extra special because it was a benefit tournament for a little softball player who has cancer.

If you only knew how pretty this girl is inside and out! She has a heart of GOLD. I am so glad I get to be her mama.

Sister-girl was so excited to play!

I'd happily spend all my weekends watching her just to see her light up like this!

Third place medal!!!!

This girl played short stop and caught TONS of pop-flies! She is a rockstar!

Here is our team with the girl who the tournament was for. She has been on our heart and  I pray she is healed. We were so excited to help and be apart of this this good cause.

Here is my crew- minus Dad- who was ready to cheer on Livingston 8U CREW!

This kid definitely helped  me burn lots of calories from chasing him this weekend! Haha!

Funny story: 
Usually Ryker is the cutest fan in the stands cheering, "go Raigen! Run Raigen!" (Even when she is NOT batting 😂)

But Sunday, after two back to back games, during the second game he started yelling "Go Raigen, go! It's almost over!"😂😂😂