Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reason 105,424 why I went to the gym on Christmas Day!

When you have a crap ton of kids like I do, they definitely categorize themselves.

I have my bossy one.. .Rilyn.

My patience tester.... CJ.

My sweet one... Raigen.

And my wild one... Ryker.

While, at times CJ is sweet, I wouldn't often use that word to describe him.

Raigen is the one that evvvvvvvery morning will tell me how pretty I look as soon as she sees me. Even if I haven't dressed, put on makeup, or even brushed my hair.

The other morning CJ tried to tell me just how pretty I looked, bless his heart.

It went like this:

Me: "Hey yall, does this sweater look Christmas-y?"

CJ: "Mom, you look so pretty and Christmas-y!"

Me: "Thanks bud!"

CJ: "Like, if you were wearing white with that red you would look just like Mrs. Claus!"

Just what every mom wants to hear.... .