Friday, November 10, 2017

Ryker the Twonado.

How does my 2 year old have so much energy?

I've been eating healthy and working out and today I found myself so exhausted from dealing with my little twonado that by 9 a.m. this morning I actually thought about going into work. 

Sure I'll go in and work for free... Cuz it's a heck of a lot less tiring than being a mom. 😂

Have you ever wondered where toddlers get their energy from?

Lately Rykers diet has been how does he sustain his energy? 

The zombie minion has been running non-stop since 8am with no nap and its now 6pm and he still going full speed.

Hey- you know what he had for breakfast?

A bite of a pancake and a cup of know why?

Because this morning he decided he no longer liked pancakes. Only waffles. 

The dude has been murdering pancakes his ENTIRE LIFE!

But not anymore.

This morning he looked at his food and said, "mom, whats dat?"

I said "a pancake, eat up!"

I would also like to make note that he eats pancakes at least once a week so this is nothing new.

He took one bite and replied, "I can't yike dat."

I said" whatchu mean you can't like it? Boy- you better eat."

"I not yike pancakes. I yike waffles."

Ya'll, his pancake sat at his table for 4 hours and he never touched it again.

I tried the whole... "sit there till you eat" gig but... hes two.

So, basically he didnt care and just gave me a look that translated to, "boo.... I'm two and I ain't got no where to be.... I'll sit here all day."

And... he sat there. 

So ...I let him up. He was right and being the super smart  mom I am, I knew he would come back to it when he got hungry. 

I wish I could say I was right.

But I also wish he came with instructions, too.

He went on about his life. 

Until lunch.

At lunch it was a much different story.

He literally spun his head around in circles on his shoulders screaming until I gave him exactly 2 packs of minion fruit snacks.

And he refused to eat anything else.

The only positive- atleast he was getting his fruit.

Update: Following all this morning  fun, for a late lunch I did end up convincing him to eat spegettios and he inhaled two bowls AND an apple sauce pouch.  

So glad I could find something you finally wanted to eat, your majesty.