Saturday, November 11, 2017

Late post: Halloween Festivities 2017

Our Halloween festivitie-fun started at the girls friends' Karli and Kendi's 10th birthday glow party! 

My little princess Poppy and neon skeleton had a blast! We painted, danced and sang karaoke!
And by "we" I mean all three of us! I had so much fun at this party too!

Such a fun day with my girls!

Next up was our Church's annual Fall Festival!
Rilyn was at home sick with pneumonia and CJ was grounded so it was just me and the littles!

And I may be biased but I'm pretty sure I had the cutest little minion in the most precious princess Poppy!

Seriously?! How cute is he!

Finally it was time for Halloween! To say our Halloween was low-key would have to be an understatement. (I'm secretly not complaining though, lol!)

This year as soon as we got dressed to head out trick-or-treating the bottom fell out and it was pouring rain. There wasn't really anything else to do so we just headed to Lubby and Pop's house to raid their candy!

And to watch the Astros of course!

Even though Ryker loves the minions he hated twearing the glasses! So he opted to be Batman for Halloween!

And of course he kept yelling "I superhero, I save the day!"

Now to look forward to Turkey Time!