Thursday, November 2, 2017

DIY Porch before and After!

Let me just go ahead and start you all off with a before picture of my front porch (and I'll just go ahead and appologize  because I took a terrible before picture!)

If there was an award for "terrible before picture taker person"  I'm pretty sure I would totally win! Haha! 

I never take before pictures! And often remember after I've already started the project... Oops.

Y'all! This project to the took a total of about 10 to 15 minutes! I had big plans to tape off and sponge each stencil individually however being a mama of four kids you stay pretty darn busy and well... I just didn't have the time. I literally laid the stencil down took a can of heavy duty commercial spray paint and went to town. I did this stencil pattern randomly on my porch. Didn't think twice about it. And I love it!!!

I love that no stencil isn't perfect and that they all have a bit of a worn look. And the fact that over time they will get worn even more! I just love it!

This porch has totally seen better days and we have been debating for years on whether we should paint it or not. We love the natural wood look but it is a bit dingy looking. But not anymore!

Love, love, loooooove.