Friday, September 29, 2017

Hangry Roxie: UPDATE #5

Congratulations to me because I made it to Phase 2 of Jamie Eason's workout.

And I'm still alive.

Ya'll! She has now introduced us to CARDIO.

And I'm all like... what's that? Is that Spanish?

Honestly, I probably haven't done real cardio since high school.

Unless, you count driving in the car and listening to the radio.
(Bahhahaha! I had to, okay!)

True story: Up until now couponing has been my cardio. #notkidding

I use to think Leg Day was killer, but, yall..... now she is incorporating cardio on Leg Day. 
Really Jamie?!?!

I feel like I should really get myself a Life-Alert Button.

So.... yeah. Cardio is hardio.

And that's pretty much all I have to say about that....

But, I do have some positive news! I am now down 16lbs!
                                                                                      (Since Aug 8th)

I am pretty excited about that and I am hoping to be able to see some sort of difference in my clothes soon. I haven't noticed a difference at all, so I am also stepping up my selfie game in hopes that I can see a difference in pictures sometime soon, too.

GOAL: I just wanna be healthy, not skinny, just healthy.

And improve my current fitness level from: TERRIBLE AND SHE DEFINETLY LOVES DONUTS.