Saturday, September 30, 2017

Celebrating baby Emma! ♥

This past weekend we took at trip to celebrate baby Emma! 

My cousin has one son who is 3, named Liam, and she is pregnant with her second, a girl.

The girls and I love all things baby showers! They especially love participating in the games and helping me make baby shower gifts!

Side note: How cute are my girls?!
I scored Raigen booties at Marshalls for $16 and Rilyn's at Wal-mart for $20. Raigen's dress was from Wal-mart, too, for only $6 and I picked up Rilyn's lace tank from Family Dollar, on sale for $4. I love dressing my girls super cute and I love it even more when I find awesome deals!

I couldn't arrive to the shower without a special gift for the new big brother, Liam!
I made this shirt (that I picked up from DOLLAR TREE!) with my Cricut and I picked up the book from Ross for $3! 

This isn't the best picture, but at all the showers I attend I always try and make a diaper cake. I tried to think outside the normal cake and I made this carriage out of diapers, washcloths, hair accessories, shoes, a bonnet, and a cute little poodle.

Our family is growing, BIG! We have Emma due in November, Colton due in November, and Adalynn due in December! So exciting! ♥