Monday, August 21, 2017

Hangry Roxie UPDATE #3

I'm not even kidding when I say this was not planned:

But I guess when you've spent your entire 2 day gym life with the same person, stuff like this happens.

Today was probably the hardest workout day thus far. 

I found myself in mid-workout asking my workout partner where the nearest breakfast buffet was.

We also both found ourselves injured.

Have you ever seen this machine?

Ya'll that pull down bar thing right there.... is HEAVY.

And, just for your own safety...

I'm going to inform you that once it is dangling above your head you should NEVER, EVER pull the little rod out to change the weight, because the super heavy bar will come crashing down onto your back!

Or your head- hey, just FYI since my workout partner, Belinda, didn't get the memo after the thing took out my back and laid me out on the floor. 

I'm no nurse, but I'm pretty sure I have a herniated disc and she may have had a minor concussion. 

For the most part, we have been grateful that for majority of our early morning workouts  there have been no one else in the gym, however, this time I would have been thankful for a nurse. 

Have you ever been in so much pain, but couldn't stop laughing?!

After this workout I was pretty sore from head to toe, but that didn't stop me from coming home and slaying breakfast:

Homemade oat bowls stuffed with yogurt and fruit and a southwestern omelet with fresh cilantro and pico!