Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Faux distressed/ vintage door!

First let me just say, if I would of known that in less time that it took me to make King Ranch Chicken tonight, I could have a distressed door I would of done this a long time ago!
When we were first rebuilding our house after the fire we knew the style we wanted, however, when you have a crappy insurance company that takes OVER SIX MONTHS to pay you for your house and you have to have to pay to build a house out of pocket, you cut corners. And unfortunately,  that meant I was NOT getting the vintage/ distressed super awesome front door that I would of loved.

I couldn't find a picture of our exact door, but here is basically what we have:

I picked these paints up from the craft section at Walmart for .50ea! And the brush was  a whole $1!

Five minutes in- I realized i never took a before picture so I snapped this:

I also realized was wearing my favorite white capris so I took my pants off....
right in the middle of the living room. 


Raigen was curious as to why I was pants-less. 

Rilyn asked if it was something I  learned from Pinterest. 

And CJ was excited, he said, "dang mom, I didn't know you loved camo so much you wanted to paint our door camo!"

Um.... #notthelookiwasgoingfor

And .... the finished product:

I love it!

And it matches perfectly with our living room: