Saturday, July 22, 2017


Today we celebrated our oldest son turning 9! Where does time go? It seems like it was just yesterday we were handed our feisty little 3 year old!!!

We opted for a simple morning swim party! It was so nice out and I was so happy to be having it in the morning before it got 579 degrees outside. 

This was definetly one of my simpler parties! I only had one table to decorate, talk about relaxing!

In true Roxie-party fasion, almost everythig was bought at Dollar Tree. :)

I spent about $20 and picked up the black ribbon, black tissue puffs, green plates, plastic-ware, napkins, green plastic containers (I used these for the food because flies are super crazy right now here in Texas and I wanted something with a lid, but also something that matched, plus- bonus points because I can use them after the party for storage!)

 I also bought a pack of 
 green jars and put plastic animals in there for decoration, an assortment of Growing Reptiles we gave out as favors, and green netting, too! Don't you just love that store?

I also picked up this foam wreath and threw some mossy stuff and plastic reptiles on it I found at Dollar Tree- it literally took all of two minutes to make!

This fake lizard was a toy of Ryker's that I dug out. I love parties where I already have decorations to use

All the boxes were free from my work and of course all the printables came courtesy of my hubs!

The large black frame and "reptile catching net" also came from DT, too! #iheartdollartreeyall

Isn't he so handsome?!

Again, this snake was already  a toy of ours. 

These are the favors I found at DT that matched the party PERFECT!
They are suppose to grow up to 600%!

For food, we served a variety of breakfast food and cake of course!

The chocolate donuts were "Tortoise Droppings!"

The donut holes were "Snake Eggs!"

 The fruit was "Snake Venom Fruit!"

I guess I got distracted and didn't get a picture of the rest of the food, we also had: mini kolaches that were "Mealworm Snacks!"

Chicken and waffle bites that were "Lizard Snacks!"

And powdered donuts that were "Tortoise Eggs!"

I wasn't sure if I was going to have a traditional cake since the party was at 9:30 am, so at the last minute I picked this one up at walmart and threw some plastic reptiles on it!

The easiest and cutest party decoration was a picture of CJ and his new pet, Rango!

Oh! Here is some of the other food:

And a reptile party wouldnt be complete without a reptile! CJ's birthday present from us and his new favorite thing, Rango, stopped by to see the kids!
 Doesn't everyone walk their lizard on a leash?????

And, of course, Ryker was excited to finally get to walk her!

Rango is so laid back and friendly and didn't mind all the attantion at all!

Ryker and his buddy, Hudson! Aren't they so cute?!

I don't think I have to tell you that these two cuties are brothers, LOL! #twinsies #16monthsapart

Brandon came prepared! Fins and all!

I sure do love this handsome 9 year old!

Special thanks to everyone who go up extra early on this Saturday to come celebrate our big guy!