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#twinning with my favorite little sister!

This week Rilyn left for camp and this little beauty has been loving all the special mother-daughter time she and I are having while big sister is gone - which included twinning for church on Sunday! ♥


Ya'll, today Josh turns 31. 

Let me go ahead and start at the beginning, when I first met Josh, even though the story as to how I met him isn’t all too exciting. I met him when we started working at the local movie theater together, The Fain. I didn't know him at the time but I immediately thought Josh was pretty much a stud muffin!

And apparently, he thought I was a pretty good lookin’ mamacita, too.

And just for fun, because I'm feeling generous; here is a funny/embarrassing story. (One of our wild stories from when Josh turned 18) It literally brings us to to tears because we laugh so hard when we reminiscence about it. It was that one (and only) time we decided to rent an "adult movie" from the back room of the Move Gallery. 

There we were, movie in hand, it was sure to be a great night!

When we arrived home we said "hi" to his dad in passing and rushed up stairs before he asked which movie we rented, or even worse, asked watch it with us!
(This was righ…


Today we celebrated our oldest son turning 9! Where does time go? It seems like it was just yesterday we were handed our feisty little 3 year old!!!

We opted for a simple morning swim party! It was so nice out and I was so happy to be having it in the morning before it got 579 degrees outside. 

This was definetly one of my simpler parties! I only had one table to decorate, talk about relaxing!

In true Roxie-party fasion, almost everythig was bought at Dollar Tree. :)

I spent about $20 and picked up the black ribbon, black tissue puffs, green plates, plastic-ware, napkins, green plastic containers (I used these for the food because flies are super crazy right now here in Texas and I wanted something with a lid, but also something that matched, plus- bonus points because I can use them after the party for storage!)
 I also bought a pack of   green jars and put plastic animals in there for decoration, an assortment of Growing Reptiles we gave out as favors, and green netting, too! Don&#…