Monday, June 26, 2017

Ryker's 2nd Birthday- Fire Dog Themed

This past Sunday we finally got a chance to celebrate our little guy turning TWO!

His party was originally two weeks ago but when he suddenly came down with mono, we knew we had no choice but to reschedule.

Our guy loves all things "firecuck" and puppies so I knew we were doing a fire dog theme!

Ya'll this was the most stressful party, ever! It was pouring all morning and we literally got soaked (hints the hat I donned all day!) setting up, but we were having the party with or without rain! Any by the grace of God the rain stopped and the sun popped out just as we were done setting up! I had so many cool ideas but with the nasty weather a lot of them just weren't possible,  but overall it turned out cute.

I am literally overwhelmed at all the people who, despite the nasty weather, still made it out to celebrate out little guy! Thank you, all from the bottom of my heart!!!

This week is also our church's VBS so to say I am exhausted is an understatement. So if this post seems very unorganized, its because it is. LOL

Special thank you to my mom for helping me set up and Livingston Volunteer Fire Department and our favorite KK for setting that up! He was so excited when that firetruck pulled up just for him and all the other kids loved checking it out, too!

What a special party for our favorite two year old!