Friday, June 9, 2017

My man-child.

You guys, there are a lot of reasons why I love my husband:

His bear hugs.

His terrible jokes.

His blistering hotness.

His cute tushie.

And there are times when my love for him is immeasurable, off the charts, strong; like when he is doing the dishes or folding laundry. Or when I swipe his credit card.

But with all this good comes a price and I vowed to love all of him, embarrassing grocery store trips included.

I learned early on in our relationship that I should limit his time with me in the grocery store to; um, right at.................never.

It's terrible, yall. He is by far worse than all four of my kids put together. If hes not trying to buy EVERY single thing in the store because we "need" it, he's embarrassing me. And he finds it all quite comical.

Today my patience were just about gone as we reached the check-out in HEB, and in being a good sport with his shenanigans I jumped right in.

"Ma'am, can he get some buddy bucks, he will not quit asking me, he's driving me insane!" I asked the cashier. (Buddy Bucks are fake money the cashiers give children so they an take a spin and in return they get stickers and if you are reeeeeeally super lucky, you'll win an instant win prize!)

He cut his eyes at me and chuckled, "Oh... you got jokes, too" he mumbled.

And it was game over after that.

"Roxie, what about the merchandise you put in you purse? Ma'am, she's got like $15 dollars worth of stuff in there." he told the cashier.

Next the cashier asked if we wanted the beer in a bag to which he replied, "nah, she'll probably have all of this drank before we get home."


I quickly shot him the "you better stop it" look and for a minute I thought it worked because he then said, "I'm kidding, she doesn't even drink beer."

And my victory was short lived because the then added, "well, she can't while she's on probation anyway..."

Pleeeeeeeeeeease tell me I'm not the only one who has trouble taking their man-child in public with them!!!