Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Father's Day, Josh.

Dear twinkle butt,

Today marks your 9th father's day. Not only did we manage to get you some pretty cool gifts this year, but because I'm super cheesy, I also whipped up this happy-fathers-day-this-is-why-my-husband-is-better-than-yours-post.

I know you're probably a bit nervous, just as your normally are when I post and you have proofed it. But, worry not, my snookums, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you just how awesome you are at this whole parenting gig and why I love you more than pretty much anything. 
(gel nails & donuts included)

Now, I realize I didn't have to do it publicly, but we all know that's pretty much how I roll. And, plus, bragging about you on the internet is super fun, so there!




Josh, I love that you are only sometimes annoying. This is an important, you see, a lot of my friend's husbands are annoying all the time.

I also love that you only occasionally leave your dirty clothes dumped two inches from the laundry basket. And I especially love that you just occasionally forget to put the milk back in the fridge after you’ve used it. And the love that I have for your random piles of toenail clippings  on the floor...... is well,  I mean, I could go on, but this is meant to be a loving letter...

All seriousness aside....

Listen, there are times when your nonsensical ideas almost tip me over the edge. There are times when you horseplay with the kids too much, when all I need is piece in quite. There are times when you come home from work, tired and exhausted and yet, spend every single second until the sun goes down coaching one of their teams. There are times when you are the only one responsible for making sure all kids make it to their practices just so I can go to bunco, relax, or just get my much needed mustache waxed. There are times when you come home from work and still spend every hour of daylight left just practicing catch with them outside, and then you still come in and help me clean up and do bath time. There are times when you're tired and all you want is to relax and yet you still go back to work just to print me 78 pages of stuff I need that night our I'll just die.  There are times when you spend too much quality time with the kids helping them work on their Minecraft worlds, when all I want is you all to myself. Then there's every single night where you stay up with Ryker just so I can go to sleep at a decent hour. There are times when I come home and the house is cleaned. Heck, there are also times when you snore like a t-rex and  I silently question whether I should slip a pillow over your face while you are sleeping but I could never do that, because a life without you would be boring and WAY more difficult for me.

You may annoy me more than I ever thought was possible, but I want to spend every IRRITATING second with you and we are SO lucky to have you. And I can without a doubt say you are the best daddy in the whole world.

BTW- you are better than Kinkos, Office Depot, AND Staples. 

I love you.

your wonderful wife who MADE YOU A DAD FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD.