Friday, June 2, 2017

Cool new shirts for the coolest (almost) two year old!

Who needs those trendy overpriced Facebook boutiques when your husband bought you a super cool cricut machine 5 years ago that you never, ever, have time to mess with but you're just now starting to find time and now you are finally getting some use out of it, huh? ... Huh?

Not me.

I love that, at 1 am when everyone is asleep and I am enjoying my quiet time, I can crawl out of the mounds of laundry I stay up doing and create all kinds of fun crafts! Tonight I made the birthday boy, himself, some fun shirts!

*The color is not off, some are navy and some are black.

And I even splurged and whipped up myself one, too!

Ya'll, I am seriously murdering this whole mom-gig tonight! My laundry is DONE and I slayed FIVE SHIRTS, WHAAAAAAAT, WHAT!!

And I only wasted 17 pieces of vinyl in the process.