Saturday, June 3, 2017

An All Star tournament and a swim meet = a very busy saturday for the Long's!

Today our morning started out at 5 am and I headed an hour out of town with Rilyn to a swim meet a and Josh headed out of town with Raigen to her All Star tournament. To say we are exhausted would be an  understatement. Being outside ALL DAY IN THE TEXAS HEAT is about as enjoyable as having your nails pulled off with pliers.

It sucks.

But we are beyond proud of our girls! Rilyn rocked 5 events this morning in swim and Raigen was a true all-star and was chosen as MVP in 2 of 3 games she played today! My baby was amazing! She not only tagged people out left and right, she also caught several pop flies, AND SCORED A DOUBLE PLAY!

Today was perfect! Well, other than the heat, and my elementary style lunch:

Apparently I should pay attention closer when I reach in the fridge for a Lunchable when I am packing my lunch.

Interesting fact: I NEVER wear hats. I did, however, pick this camo hat up because I knew it was going to be super hot. This morning I asked Rilyn if I looked okay wearing a hat and she replied, "it looks okay, is it yours?"

"Yeah," I said, "I just bought it last night,"

"Oh...." she replied, "I thought it was Ryker's. Your head is kinda big and the hat........ isn't."

Oh, Incase you are wondering, ......Ryker is my two year old.