Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our Elementary Principal

Recently our oldest son has been having trouble behaving at school.

Not only have I had to venture back to 3rd grade myself to sit with him, but his shenanigans  have also resulted in a recent trip (or two) to the principal's office.

I explained to CJ that if he didn't behave his principal could paddle him and I noticed that my child, who doesn't flinch at punishments, was suddenly nervous.

Now, for those of you who know our principal, this is where it gets funny.

After a rough day yesterday, and a long talk about getting paddled at school, we started out with an eerily quiet ride to school today.

That is, until the silence was broken, "Mom, let me tell you one really good reason why you should NEVER let Mr. Rice paddle your kid!" CJ hissed.

Apparently he had been marinating on this all night.

"Go on.... " I said, " I am listening."

"Well...for one, he has an anger management problem. Yeah! Did you know he has to go to anger management classes?" he worriedly explained to me.

"Mom, listen to me, Mr. Rice gets so angry, like, there is no telling what he will do to a kid! He can not control his anger! I'm serious! Did you know that he isn't even allowed to paddle kid with out another adult in the room? That's cuz he gets so crazy and stuff! Trust me I know. My friend got paddled and he told me!" he whined.

It took everything in my not to belly-laugh, aloud.

"Welp, guess you better behave today." I warned.

And I may, or may not, have chuckled when I read a message from CJ's teacher that said he received two swats from the principal today.

I couldn't wait to see that little turd just so I could say, "so... like, did he get crazy? Or has his anger management classes been working?"

And when I finally did, CJ's response was, "no. He was under control today. We had a long talk. He took it easy on me today. He said he just gave me a couple love taps today." he said, relieved.  

"Man, I'm glad he's taking those classes." he added.

Lets hope he learned his lesson, people. And props to the wonderful Mr. Rice- so glad those anger management classes are working!