Friday, March 17, 2017

My Nerd Herd!

A couple of weeks ago we took all of the kids for a check-up. Since we switched insurance companies it was required. At the visit both Raigen and CJ, neither of which wear glasses currently,  failed their vision screenings.

I was with CJ (Josh was with Raigen) and by the end of CJ's test one thing had to be true, either:

A: CJ is blind.

B: CJ is purposely failing this test because he wanted glasses.
C: CJ does NOT know his alphabet... like, at all.

The boy got 0 letters correct!

The nurse worriedly asked, "Um.... CJ, do you have trouble seeing?"

"Yeah, like, my eyes have been like, blurry and stuff my whole life," he, all too happily, explained.

Now, if you know CJ, you know that you cant believe any thing the kid says. I am 100% sure he isn't blind. And I know he knows his alphabet. Anyway, I knew we would be instructed ot get his eyes checked and we did.

At the optometrist I instructed him to be honest and do the exam to the best of his ability. I also informed the doctor that this kid would more than likely be a trickster.

And boy was I right!

The doctor put a giant "E" on the screen and asked CJ if he could see it.

The letter was as big as my head! And what do you know, it was SO blurry he couldn't even see it!

In fact, he couldn't see any thing the doctor  asked. Shocking.

After a few minutes the doctor was on to his shenanigans and informed us that he would need to dilate his eyes.

After the burning sensation subsided, we headed over to pick out frames.

Every single frame CJ tried on made him magically able too see. It was an absolute miracle. With every (non-prescription) frame he could see better and better.

"See mom," he said trying on a frame, "told you I needed glasses, because these make me see perfect!"

Rilyn looked at me puzzled, "he does know that all of those are clear, doesn't he?" she asked.

All I could do is laugh.

In the end, the doctor said he was going to just go ahead and prescribe CJ very low reading glasses that he could wear while he was reading.

"Awe man!" he whined, "I was hoping I didn't need glasses!"


Hey- how cute are they?!

Look! We both got new glasses!

Girls only! #photobombbyryker