Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Gym Life

For some crazy reason I always said I'd be fit by the age of 30.

But of course, here I am one week till my B-day and I am unfit as ever.

In response to my whining about this my husband had a grand-idea, "hey, why don't you get yourself a gym membership for your birthday," he said, "and you can start coming with me to the gym."

Although I think I look great for someone who hasn't worked out in over 15 years, the reality is, I get out of breath tying my shoes.

So... maybe I should get  a gym membership.

I mean, I want a hot body.... I just want tacos more.

And just incase I forget to post about it on Facebook and almost make it worthless, I have been encouraged to diary my progress.

Dear Diary,

Its officially 4 days till Gym-Day.

Its Sunday and I've decided Wednesday would be a good Gym-Day since I have a whole entire 30 minutes to kill between work and church. I know I have nothing to worry about, but I am nervous. This morning I even drank a whole pot of coffee! I am now wobbly, but I feel energized. I figure, if I am going to dive into this whole "Gym Thing" I better work on my stamina. I DO NOT want to embarrass myself be doing anything less than 5 miles on the treadmill!!!! To work on this- today at Walmart I parked 11 spots down. I have NEVER parked this far out before!!!! The brisk walk into Walmart has all my muscles burning, but I feel great! I can totally tell I am building up my stamina.

Its a whole new life for me. I like it.

While at Walmart I picked up some weights. These 10lb weights looked like just what I needed to get my arms gym-ready!

When I got home this evening I did and excruciating 6 curls with each arm! I know, I know, DONT OVER DO IT!

(Which I totally did!)

A few minutes in, just as I was starting on my 2nd set, I got a Charlie-horse in my arm (is this even possible?!?!) and I dropped the weight nearly decapitating my big toe!

My arms are clearly not ready to curl anything heavier than a sandwich.

Dear Diary,

Its now 3 days until gym-day.

I am so stinkin' sore!

My legs ache and my arms feel like jello!

I was so wobbly going up the stairs this morning I almost tripped over my 20 month old, but luckily my 110 month old was there to pull him out of the way and I was able to catch my balance.

And to top all of this pre-workout-soreness off , I ate concrete today at work while trying to take the garbage out!!!!



All the soreness I got going on now, paired with my scraped up palms and knee (see photo above), I'd swear I was in a fierce fender-bender.

In fact, that's what I told everyone who asked me why I was in a scooter-cart at Walmart this morning.

And just to give you a better picture of how banged up and sore/shaken up/emotionally unstable I really am, last night I lacked the strength to even use the remote and ended up catching 6 straight hours of the weather channel. #truestory

Today I plan on calling the church to see if the church van can pick me up and take me to Wednesday night service tomorrow so I can thank GOD that I did not waste my money on a gym membership!!!!!!!! I am in NO shape for the gym! I will also pray that my super sweet husband will have a better idea of what I should get for my birthday next year, something fun- like a root canal or a hysterectomy.

In less depressing news-
This past weekend I did pickup this way CUUUUUUTE new MK purse for myself for my birthday!

P.S. If Josh asks, its TOTALLY a "Mary Kay" purse, okay!?