Saturday, December 30, 2017

Our last family picture of 2017!

And our FIRST time taking professional family pictures as a family of 6!

And it only took two years! HA!

Today, other than confirming my on going suspicion that our family is the most adorable family on the planet, I also came to the realization that professional family pictures are both over rate and entirely too stressful, i.e. coordinating outfits.

Before I ever attempt that task again I need 7 shots of anything and an epidural.

Listen, the more kids you have, the harder this is!

Just when I thought I had our outfits all figured out, I found myself in the middle of the boys clothing section in Walmart on picture day with a raging two year old. Picture this-  its 7am and he's pissed because due to a little thing called "daylight" we didn't see any Christmas lights on the way to Walmart this morning.

So I just start grabbing shirts.

I was only there to see if I could find something better than the gray sweater we were planning on my oldest son wearing, but never the less, $62 later of speed shopping we were done.

And spoiler alert: we ended up going with the original gray sweatshirt we already had and now I have to return half of the boys section I bought.

So I rush home. It's pouring rain. Perfect.

Not only do I have to finalize what we are wearing, but I also have to make sure everyone wakes up in a cheery mood, has a wholesome breakfast, and then I have to fix 6 people's hair. No big deal.

So we arrive at the studio, but the torture isn't over.

Family pictures are HARD.

I have to smile, while trying to get the kids to smile, while bright lights are flashing 2 feet from my face, and the temperature in the studio is 118 degrees. 

Please note: I'd rather have my fingernails ripped off one by one.

All joking aside, I'm just not a fan of indoor pictures, so we ordered one pose.

The kids did great, but the photographer let Ryker run the show and allowed him to hold a giant stuffed basketball in half of the shots.

And the shots of  Josh and I looked like I was in the middle of farting. My face was red from hysterically laughing because when she asked us to look loving in each others eyes while holing hands he whispered to me, "this picture is going on your casket."

So those precious shots were a solid no.

So..... yeah.

Now excuse me while I try and hang this picture up before my kids look nothing like it....

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Reason 105,424 why I went to the gym on Christmas Day!

When you have a crap ton of kids like I do, they definitely categorize themselves.

I have my bossy one.. .Rilyn.

My patience tester.... CJ.

My sweet one... Raigen.

And my wild one... Ryker.

While, at times CJ is sweet, I wouldn't often use that word to describe him.

Raigen is the one that evvvvvvvery morning will tell me how pretty I look as soon as she sees me. Even if I haven't dressed, put on makeup, or even brushed my hair.

The other morning CJ tried to tell me just how pretty I looked, bless his heart.

It went like this:

Me: "Hey yall, does this sweater look Christmas-y?"

CJ: "Mom, you look so pretty and Christmas-y!"

Me: "Thanks bud!"

CJ: "Like, if you were wearing white with that red you would look just like Mrs. Claus!"

Just what every mom wants to hear.... .

Monday, December 4, 2017

Surprise! More Christmas pictures!

Surprise! We took more Christmas pictures tonight! 

Our elf, Holly, delivered a new DVD of the Elf on the Shelf story and we decided to put on some Christmas jammies after dinner, eat some ice cream, and watch it.

Can you guess who the naughty one is?

 If you can't, here let me help....

"Raise your hand if you are on the naughty list!"

 Silly boys!

There is NEVER, ever, EVVVVVVER a dull moment in this house!

My holiday hunks!!!

Probably my favorite of the night! 
I love these wild animals so much!

And..... because we are silly and sometimes I waste time doing stupid stuff, haha!!! We can't leave Santa out!

Softball Fun! Livingston CREW 8U- 1ST TOURNAMENT!

We spent the entire weekend living the softball life!

Two weeks ago Raigen was invited to join a select travel team and after only 3 or 4 practices they competed in their first tournament. They did AMAZING  and placed 3rd against girls that have been playing together for years!

This tournament was extra special because it was a benefit tournament for a little softball player who has cancer.

If you only knew how pretty this girl is inside and out! She has a heart of GOLD. I am so glad I get to be her mama.

Sister-girl was so excited to play!

I'd happily spend all my weekends watching her just to see her light up like this!

Third place medal!!!!

This girl played short stop and caught TONS of pop-flies! She is a rockstar!

Here is our team with the girl who the tournament was for. She has been on our heart and  I pray she is healed. We were so excited to help and be apart of this this good cause.

Here is my crew- minus Dad- who was ready to cheer on Livingston 8U CREW!

This kid definitely helped  me burn lots of calories from chasing him this weekend! Haha!

Funny story: 
Usually Ryker is the cutest fan in the stands cheering, "go Raigen! Run Raigen!" (Even when she is NOT batting 😂)

But Sunday, after two back to back games, during the second game he started yelling "Go Raigen, go! It's almost over!"😂😂😂

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When your kids let you walk around with only one eyebrow on...

Kids can be so cruel sometimes. Today my kids let me go into their school with only one eyebrow on. Who does that to their mom?

 Eyebrows are the most important thing you can wear! I'm not kidding when I say I'd rather walk around braless then without my eyebrows on!

You know how people have nightmares about showing up places without any clothes on... Well I have nightmares about showing up places without eyebrows on! And today half of my worst nightmare came true!

I'm totally putting those little butt holes on the naughty list.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Farmhouse Christmas Sign for Sale!

I am literally in the fetal positive from laughing so hard!

And because I generally don't get embarrassed, I'm going to tell you about the one time I decided to make a distressed farmhouse Christmas signs to sail.

I know you won't belive it, but I totally free-handed this.

I pomise!

I painted it... distressed it...and was just about to add the burlap to hang it from, but it was missing something......

Eh.... nevermind.  Looks good to me.

Farmhouse distressed Christmas sign for sale: $25

But... don't tell anyone who you bought it from. 

So this happened.....

I use to be one of those moms who could brag about having four kids- none of which have ever had a broken bone.

Until now.

This poor guy was playing football with the guys and came down on his arm wrong and fractured it.

Did I mention it was right in the middle of his sisters softball tournament.

After X-rays and a splint we were able to get in to an orthopedic doctor a couple of days later for a cast.

He seems a little too excited about this lime green cast that everyone will get to sign, haha!

I am sad about his arm, but thankful that this right-handed dude can still wipe his own butt! Haha!

Adalynn Michelle


My little sister had a baby!

Adalynn was born a little early and spent some time in the NICU, but we are thrilled that she is home now and this weekend I got to snap some precious pictures of her.

Can I just be a photographer/chef/HGTv Star in my next life?! HA!

I am by no means a professional photographer, but she made me feel like it when these pictures came out THIS PRECIOUS! All the heart eyes, ya'll!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Holly is back! [North Pole Breakfast 2017]

Holly is back- which means its time for our North Pole Breakfast!

This year she brought elf hats and cups for all the kids!

Wanna know how to get your elf hat (or santa hat) to stand up so perfectly?

Yeti cup! (Or any tumbler will do!)

How adorable are those napkins?! 

Holly would like me to brag a little and tell you all how super excited she was to find EVERYTHING this year for her NP Breakfast at her favorite store... DOLLAR TREE!

Also- she told me to tell you her super cute new jacket she found at TJMaxx for $4 and her skirt is borrowd from her bestie, Barbie!

How did Holly know that I needed more mini balls for our trees? 

I'm so excited that I'll be able to use these after breakfast when I'm cleaning this mess up and washing dishes.  


And just for fun here is a look at our 2016 North Pole Breakfast! 

(Because we are totally NOT mentioning that Holly clearly outdid herself last year and was such a lazy elf this year!) 

I can't wait to see what shenanigans she gets into this year!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Christmas Cards 2017

Today I decided to attempt Christmas pictures!

So... When you have exactly 22 minutes to take family pictures when you get off from work because it literally gets dark at 5:22, you have to improvise... 

Please excuse me while I (try to) create  a "Christmas tree" scenery in my back yard!

Everyone may not be smiling. 

Everyone not may not be posed perfectly.

 And these pictures may not be the best. 

But these people are my favorite!

I had too many ideas of pictures I wanted to take and not enough time! So, I'm sure we will taking many, many more Christmas pictures in the weeks to come!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Garage Sale Upcycle- Porch Art!

I have been on the hunt for a large wood (with no glass) framed piece of art to turn into a chalkboard for my porch.

And I was super excited to find this one for $5 at a garage sale! 

Its perfect! I love the chunky frame, but not so much the art!

And for about $2, its the perfect chalkboard for my porch!

And I didn't even buy chalkboard paint (mainly because I'm just lazy so I used just some black paint I had!)

I drew on it with a chalk marker that cost $2 and dusted the thing with baby powder so it looked like a "used" chalkboard! 😂😂😂

Hey! And look what the original price tag said! 😲 

Now if I could just learn to draw fancy chalkboard art....

FYI- Black paint and a chalk marker works just like a chalkboard- but costs a lot less!