Monday, November 7, 2016

Raigen's Prayer Wall

There is nothing sweeter that discovering your six year old has a prayer wall.
If you know Raigen, then you know she tender-hearted and sweet as can be!
As you can imagine, my heart completely melted when I found this!
I'll walk you thru her prayer list:
Abraham Lincoln- for getting shot.

Bre- Broker her toe.

Emma- she almost broke her hand.

Bayleigh- twisted her ankle.

Aunt Chelle and Nelson- got in a car wreck.
Lubby-  Got kidney stones.

Lilly- busted her head open.

As you can see, my sweetness has been praying hard for some of you. It looks like she has two spots left on her prayer wall. Let me know if you would like her to add you.