Monday, November 21, 2016

Barbie Hair

When you put sisters in a shared room its enviable that at some point you will have to get out of bed at 9:30 PM (or later) and break up an argument. 

Which is exactly what I had to do tonight. 

All evening I rushed to get dinner cooked and make sure the kids had baths just so I could finally get to bed early.

And by that I mean, go to my room, lock the door, and eat Bluebell in my bed while I watch Netflix. 

My happiness was short lived when the girl's argement started to drown out my final episode of How to get Away with Murder.


"Why do you always want me to sleep with you, Rilyn? Ugh!"  Raigen yelled.

"Just come on Raigen,  you know I get scared at night!" Rilyn begged. 

"Well quit itching your head... Im gonna get it and I'm gonna be so mad at you!!"

"Seriously.... its so not contagious. "

"Whatever! Im telling Mom!!"

At this point I'm  about to bust in their room because clearly I am now aware of our  "lice problem".

And right before I do,  I hear Rilyn, "Seriously Raigen... grow up, dandruff is not contagious!"

And Raigen,  who is now crying, "how do you know?"

"Grow up" says the girl who makes her little sister sleep with her because she has been reading Divergent and is scared of the dark?

I then spend the next 20 mintues explaning to Raigen that she is not going to catch dandruff from her sister. 

And just to be on the safe side I  also check out Rilyn's hair, which is strangly stiff and greasy. 

"Rilyn! What's wrong with your hair?" I gasped, "have you not been washing it when you take a bath?"

"Yes I wash it! Tonight, I ran out of shampoo and didnt feel like getting any from the cabinet, so I just used Ryker's baby wash," she said, "then I put conditioner in my hair 3 times  to make it extra soft."

"Well congratulations,  you now have Barbie hair."

I then explained to her that,  that was not a compliment.  And exactly  what happens when Barbie's hair  gets so nappy that you cant comb it.

Suddenly she was scared again. But for an entirely different reason.