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Barbie Hair

When you put sisters in a shared room its enviable that at some point you will have to get out of bed at 9:30 PM (or later) and break up an argument. 

Which is exactly what I had to do tonight. 

All evening I rushed to get dinner cooked and make sure the kids had baths just so I could finally get to bed early.

And by that I mean, go to my room, lock the door, and eat Bluebell in my bed while I watch Netflix. 

My happiness was short lived when the girl's argement started to drown out my final episode of How to get Away with Murder.


"Why do you always want me to sleep with you, Rilyn? Ugh!"  Raigen yelled.

"Just come on Raigen,  you know I get scared at night!" Rilyn begged. 

"Well quit itching your head... Im gonna get it and I'm gonna be so mad at you!!"

"Seriously.... its so not contagious. "

"Whatever! Im telling Mom!!"

At this point I'm  about to bust in their room because clearly I am now aware of our  "lice…

Our attempt at Fall Pictures...


Raigen's Prayer Wall

There is nothing sweeter that discovering your six year old has a prayer wall. If you know Raigen, then you know she tender-hearted and sweet as can be! As you can imagine, my heart completely melted when I found this! I'll walk you thru her prayer list: #1 Abraham Lincoln- for getting shot.
#2 Bre- Broker her toe.

#3 Emma- she almost broke her hand.  #4- Bayleigh- twisted her ankle.
 #5 Aunt Chelle and Nelson- got in a car wreck. #6 Lubby-  Got kidney stones.
#7- Lilly- busted her head open.

Our Relaxing Get-A-Way! 10 Year Anniversary

Ten years and four kids later you know what you need?

A get-a-way.

And that's exactly what we did.

This weekend Josh and I celebrated 10 years by getting a sitter and enjoying a staycation-vacation at Artisan Lakes.

We rented a chic log cabin on the lake! It was literally 30 minutes from our house!

After checking in, we headed to our dinner reservations at the Hilltop Restaurant.  The restaurant is on site, which was super convenient. It was super yummy, too! Friday night they have a Seafood buffet! Do I know the way to his heart or what!?

When we arrived back to the cabin it was dark. Being right on the water, I always worry about lions, and tiger, and bears.... oh, and alligators, too. So I hurried in side, and jumped in the shower.

Josh had to run back out to the car and opened the door and immediately screamed like a 12 year old girl.

Did I forget to mention that the door automatically locks when its closed?
You have to access it with a 6 digit code.

Josh couldn't rem…