Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This year both CJ and Rilyn were invited to try out for UIL teams.

We are in week two of practice and its safe to say both kids have strong potential.

Yesterday when I picked up CJ from Story Telling Practice I was informed by his coach that he is "too good."

I believe her exact words were, "Hi, Mrs. Long. CJ is doing great! Actually, he is too good," she said laughing, nervously.

"Here is a copy of the story we practiced," she added.

"When he practiced reciting it back to the class, CJ added  a little too much enthusiasm, he added that the little boy ran out of his house naked.... and ran around the block. And as you can see that clearly was not apart of the story." she said.

"So, we are working with him to tone it down a bit..." she added, "but like I said, he is doing GREAT!"

And just as my van door closed, I shoot CJ "the look".

"Dude, Mom, I so knew that was gonna get a reaction out of them. My story was definitely the funniest." he added.

Rilyn is exceeding my expectations, too.

Today when I picked her up she handed me a journal and instructed me to check out the latest story she has been working on. She is trying out for the Ready Writing UIL team.

Five sentences into the story, "Rilyn, this is really good!"

I was legitimately impressed.

"Thanks," she said. " I copied it out of my library book, I'm not finished, though."

I'm going to
hold off a week or two before I order my"UIL MOM" bumper sticker.