Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Secret Life of a Sixteen Month Old

It is Monday, Columbus day.

My mom finally gets a day off.  My mom thought she wanted to sleep till 8. She can't remember the last time she has slept past 7AM. 

She's weird, its 5am, I think I will go ahead and wake her up.

Time to start shouting, full throttle. I gotta let everyone know its time to rise n' shine!
Dozed for a bit.
Resumed shouting.
Its hard to tell, but I think my mom is telling my Dad to go make me a bottle, but my Dad isn't moving.
I think something is wrong with my Dads ears.

Mom carries me down stairs.
My mom always smiles and kisses me. She keeps calling me Stinky-butt.
And guess what?
I have a stinky-butt!!
My mom likes to change my diaper before breakfast, WTH?
So I get mad.
Oh- I forgot, when she makes me mad I like to kick, a lot. And this time I just so happened to have poop on my foot.
 I should call my mom Stinky-shirt now! Ha!

I'm just chillin' like a villain watching Bubble Guppies while my Mom holds me. 
Ah... life is goooooood.

Time to drag out every toy we have in the living room.

Got a bit bored so I grabbed the remote and started pressing buttons! This is one of my favorite games!
Mom says a rhyme about a Duck's cake... its funny.
She tells me to stop but I cant! This is my favorite game! So fun!!

My grandpa arrives to watch me so my Mom can go to Parent/Teacher conferences.
Mom says she needs coffee, now!

Mom gets home just in time to feed me lunch!
I am confused about everything I eat now.
After each bite I take the food out of my mouth so I can inspect it.... sometimes I eat it.
But mostly I just throw it on the floor.

Mom packs me up to take me to the doctor. I love car rides! YAY!

We arrive at the doctor. I vaguely remember this place.
I see books! Ah, I remember the books! I love books!
My mom tries to help me look at a book... I get mad because I just want to throw books. My big sister, Rilyn even tries to help me, too. 
No one understands me!  
I just want to hold it all to myself and turn the pages all by myself!
And throw it!

1:30 PM:
The dang nurse stuck something sharp in my legs!
My mom cuddles me and gives me lots of kisses. 

We head home.
I am exhausted. Time to fuss a little and rub my eyes. the ole "Nap Time Signals" to my Mom.

We get home and the rest of the evening is a blur of me running around the living room like a crazy baby and my Mom and Dad cuddling me.
Mom shows Dad the four little round stickers on my thighs and Dad kisses them. 
They're really sore.

Mom lays me down for bed. We snuggle. I like to snuggle. 

I finally give in and fall asleep.
I'm pretty sure I heard her say "Love you sweet boy".
Time for some sleep. 
Will resume my "crazy-baby" act at 

But isn't he adorable?! It's officially Fall, y'all!