Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Last Meal

Ah... Raigen, Raigen, Raigen...

Our sweet Raigen is a 6 year old goodie-goodie two shoes. The thought of breaking a rule or getting in trouble will make this girl break out in hysterics.

Recently she was super excited when Josh gave her his old iPhone.

He upgraded and although his old phone no longer had service, she was excited to just have it for the games.

A few hours on her new toy and she came to me and excitedly whispered, "Mom, you said my phone can't make calls, but it can!"

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"Well...." she said hesitantly, "I pushed 9-1-1 and it called them and they answered!"

"You WHAT?!" I exclaimed, sort of freaking out.

"Am I in trouble?" she said, now freaking out, the water works began!

"Am I in trouble? I didn't know! Are they going to come take me to jail?" she wailed in full blown freak-out mode.

"Calm down, Raigen. It's okay...." I reassured her.

(Insert: High-pitched screaming.)

"Raigen! Enough... Calm down! Don't worry. I know it was an accident." I said, hugging her.

At this point she starts to calm down.... she's still sobbing but she is not hyperventilating anymore.

"If the cops come," I explain, "I will just tell them it was me... okay?"

"You will?" she asked, wiping her tears away.

"Of course I will. I will just say it was an accident... and I will go to jail instead of you, okay?" I explained.

"Just please be sure and get your brother and sister up for school for me this week, can ya? Oh! And someone is going to have to remember to pack your Dad a lunch... Can you do that?"

And just like that, she is screaming and hyperventilating again.

At this point her freaking-out was actually quite comical....

"Raigen, chill. I'd like to eat my last meal in peace, okay?"

P.S. The cops never showed up or called back, thank God!

P.S.S. I am 100% sure she will never-ever make this mistake again.